alt / indie rock & roll from salonica, GR

The Basement Sessions

It’s been quite a long time since we’ve begun planning to record the rest of our first album – finally – and release it (on our own, of course). But unfortunately the financial crisis hit us too as well and so there’s no money at the moment (the little we have we keep betting on football matches :P).

But you know what? We love being in the studio even more than playing gigs and we have so many original songs that we decided to record some of them, mostly tracks that don’t exactly fit with the rest. The whole process is taking place in our rehearsal studio, “The Basement”.

  • The first one we finished is called Punch-Drunk & Lollipoppers and is one of our oldest tunes. The arrangement is new though. We’d like to thank George Kampas who played the harmonica.

  • The second song is kinda bluesy. Yes, we can sing those as well! Listen to our Bad Situation.

  • A solid rock song. Tonight. On backing vocals, Dimitris S.

  • In our most exotic mood. Candid.

  • Despite its name, this one was pretty fun. Not Much Fun.

  • Yes, we can be deep. Weighin’ On My Soul.

  • The last song of the basement sessions, That’s Enough. Old school rock n roll with some punk attitude.

One response

  1. OpetrosKaneiComment

    WX!!! Malaka apistefto.Na pume bravo pedia para poly oreoi isanto, ap’ ta kalitera kommatia sas pu exo akousei na pume ego o idios aftoprosopos, ego. Pistevo kai elpizo na pate mprosta kai de simazevete kai na kseroglifontai gia to bashista-masista sas ola ta 14xrona.

    PS: pame gia kana DND to S/K ?

    PS:3 – mono 300euro tora me 2 moxlus doro.

    March 22, 2011 at 01:20

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