alt / indie rock & roll from salonica, GR


JL in “Public Stage: The Rock Sessions”

We appear in a compilation album which is being put together by the Public Stage music site. The album features 14 tracks by various greek bands.

ILiner & Caught In Action

Check out a couple of bands some of our guys contribute to.

  • ILiner: formed in the summer of 2009 they play greek rock/pop, influenced by college rock bands as well as several modern pop artists. They ‘ve recently recorded their first demo CD.
    Check out ILiner’s myspace, facebook & youtube pages.
  • Caught in Action: heavy driven post grunge. You can listen to songs off their demo CD titled ‘What’s Wrong’ in their myspace page.

A Fan Abroad

Straight from Hoboken, NJ, our very good friend Lazaros chronicles his adventures as he studies, learns, parties and lives the American Dream. You can read all about it in his blog here.

“The City” lyrics video

JL on

Στο ανέβηκε ένα άρθρο για τη μουσική μας από τον κ. Γαϊτάνη Κώστα. Μπορείτε να το διαβάσετε εδώ.

Jake Leg site is up!!!

Hello people, finally we have a site, thanks to WordPress!!
Here we ‘ll post everything about our band including news and upcoming live shows.
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