alt / indie rock & roll from salonica, GR


Releases by Jake Leg. You can listen to most of the songs on soundcloud.

Jake Leg (2012)

Available as Digital Album & CD:
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Jake Leg’s debut album, released on November 26th 2012.

  1. Always Better
  2. Posh
  3. Maybe
  4. Sing-Along
  5. Jenny
  6. The City
  7. Drag Me Back Inside
  8. White Pulse
  9. And I Wonder
  10. Miracle Mile
  11. My Drivin’ Manner

Tracks 1-5 mixed & produced by Thanos S.,Demetris Christodoulides & Jake Leg
Recorded @ The Electroacoustics Lab, AUTH, Thessaloniki
Tracks 6-11 mixed & produced by Nikodimos Triaridis & Jake Leg
Recorded @ The RunDevilRun Studios, Thessaloniki

The Basement Sessions (2011)

Recorded throughout 2011 in the band’s home studio (“The Basement”), this EP features songs with greatly experimental arrangements, covering a wide variety of styles, from blues to 60’s classic rock n’ roll.
You can download it for free here. You can also check out the songs on soundcloud.


  1. Punch-Drunk & Lollipoppers
  2. Bad Situation
  3. Tonight
  4. Candid
  5. Not Much Fun
  6. Weighin’ On My Soul
  7. That’s Enough

Promo (2008)

Promo disc released in October, 2008. It contains songs off the album recorded between July-September 2008. Recorded, mixed & mastered at Run Devil Run studios. All songs written by Jake Leg, produced and mixed by Nikodemos Triaridis and engineered by Stelios Koslidis. Artwork created by A. Manavis.


  1. Drag Me Back Inside
  2. The City
  3. And I Wonder
  4. My Drivin’ Manner

Demo (2007)

At the beginning of 2007, Jake Leg recorded and produced a demo with the valuable help of friend George Kampas. It’s a recording of their very first material. The whole process took place in the band’s rehearsal studio. All songs are written, performed & arranged in their entirety by Jake Leg. Artwork created by Jake Leg.


  1. Unstained
  2. Bad Situation
  3. Lady & The Punk
  4. Cheap-Jack
  5. Givin’ Away
  6. Alright