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‘Jake Leg’ album Out Now!

Hi boys and girls,

Our debut album is finally ready!
You can get it both as a digital download and a physical CD through CD Baby and most digital music stores.


  1. Always Better
  2. Posh
  3. Maybe
  4. Sing-Along
  5. Jenny
  6. The City
  7. Drag Me Back Inside
  8. White Pulse
  9. And I Wonder
  10. Miracle Mile
  11. My Drivin’ Manner
Tracks 1-5 mixed & produced by Thanos S.,Demetris Christodoulides & Jake Leg
Recorded @ The Electroacoustics Lab, AUTH, Thessaloniki
Tracks 6-11 mixed & produced by Nikodimos Triaridis & Jake Leg
Recorded @ The RunDevilRun Studios, Thessaloniki

Available on:

If you live in Greece, you can get the CD straight from us for 5€(+shipping costs). Just let us
know in the contact sheet or send us an e-mail to